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Puerto Banus
Puerto Banus
Where is Puerto Banus? Puerto José Banús is the famous port that is known around the world as the jetsetters paradise. It is located just West of Marbella in the area of Nueva Andalucía. See the location on our map of Puerto Banús. The setting is close to ideal, with its impressive mountain backdrop and ocean views. Puerto Banús was developed in 1970 by José Banús as a luxury marina and shopping complex for the rich and famous. There you can find the most exclusive designer boutiques, such as Dior and Gucci, the biggest and most expensive yachts on the planet and of course extraordinarily luxurious cars.  Puerto Banús is especially also known for its glamourous and buzzing nightlife. Clubs, bars, piano bars and pubs overflow in the area. During the day you can visit the lovely beaches, do some shopping or enjoy lunch in one of the port’s world-class restaurants, such as Pravda or Gran Gatsby.  



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