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Mijas is one of the most famous traditional "white" villages in Spain, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Mijas pueblo is definitely a jewel on the Costa del Sol and famous for its exuberant festivals, easter processions and donkey taxis.



Anikul 2016-03-02 15:04:11
Viva Connect contcted us <a href="http://nuncxmoc.com">yeadretsy</a> my husband took the call, all seemed very genuine until they started to ask about credit cards this brought up a question mark in my mind. Cold calling is bad no one should ask for moiney that you don't know about, if they do be very suspicious. These people are very clever and persistant calling back time and again to get your money. I got stung a few years ago and nothing ever came from it, it is all false promises. If this happens to you say you no longer have a time share points etc., and put the phone down, don't go into conversation with them or they have got you, there sweet talk is too easy to slip into.

Ximena 2016-03-02 12:53:11
I have just had a phone call from a lady claiming to be Louisa Robson from Viva at the asdders shown above. She claimed she had sold our Club Class membership (Which was a complete waste of money for us anyway !) for a324000 (much more than we paid for it) as well as getting our money back from Excalibur and Holiday Rentals Direct (Don't touch these two either!). I checked the legitimate Viva web site guess what, she is not in the employee list! She wanted a notary fee of 1800 euros but stated she could not take the money out of the holding account' to do this funny that. Folks, these people are crooks!!! Don't touch any of them, my wife did the initial transactions but she is wiser now and I am glad that I answered the phone to this woman. Remember, if somebody wants to buy something, they will GIVE you money, not take it! http://cxqmpue.com [url=http://hecowosgpew.com]hecowosgpew[/url] [link=http://skloeiy.com]skloeiy[/link]

Sarah 2016-02-13 21:03:49
Hi Wysgal! Thanks, I will! :) They do have good food and really cool sites...I love their mdimrnosee everything! I will let you know where I go when I get back but right off the bat I can tell you, foodwise, you must go to Asador Aranda on Avda. Tibidabo...amazing suckling lamb!Hi Mae! Thank you! :) I will chack out the food shops and spices...definitely! But you know, we can get paella spices here too already :) And that is even IF I attempt paella...wooo, we will see, hehe :) It's not a good idea for me to go to karaoke bars because I am sintonado and a mic-hog...bad combi (that doesn't stop me though from inflicting pain on others...hahaha!).Hi Katrina! Yes, I got his reco's, I actually am using on of the books he pictured (Style City...fantastic guides!)...definitely going to check out the chocolates :)Hi Jmom! Thanks a lot...I will enjoy every minute! :)Hi Tanna! You are so lucky to have sailed across the Atlantic!!! What an adventure that must have been! I will say "hi" to Malaga for you :)Hi Nens! I will meeees you tooo! I promise not to think of work! :) Hayayay! Will tell you all about it when I get back!Hi Paz! Thanks! :)Hi Elna! Thanks! I am so happy to hear that the fabada recipe worked out well for you! :)

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